Export Compliance

What We Do


A custom designer of export compliance systems for small to medium size company.

How We Do It


Mission is to custom design compliance systems that make exporting seamless by integrating it into  your company's supply chain or outsourcing to us so you can focus on making money.

Why We Do It


Our goal at Optimal Co. is to utilize the Export Regulations to get your goods to the right clients the right way, right away.

Problem Solvers


Compliance Program Development

  • Depending on your company's needs Optimal Co. will design or define your export compliance system
  • Will integrate the export compliance system to your supply chain and fit it in where it works best
  • Low overhead so you can keep growing

Managed Export Compliance Services

  • Export compliance support without having to add additional personnel to manage your system
  • Optimal Co. will handle all export compliance matters for your company
    • Full-time, temporary, or as required
    • Classification, licensing, and document/trace management
    • Utilize any freight forwarded you like to ship items direct
  • EAR (Export Administration Regulations - Department of Commerce)
  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations - Department of State)

Challenging Regions

  • Guiding the export of goods to challenging regions due to ever changing regulations
  • Depending on your item and the country it is being exported, there can be some barriers, we will work cloesly with Department of State and Commerce to find the best method


  • An integral part of your supply chain and value add resources so you can focus on the money making aspects of your business
  • Expert in applying the regulations to get the most difficult compliance needs resolved with a proven track reccord
  • Preventing fines and penalties, audits, and delays in shipment